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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Some people usually have hidden revelations
Which they never want to let go easily in life
Only the mechanism of delivery is the set back
They resort to using signals of caution so void
Then despondency sets in on their part as they try
Having failed in averting an impending calamity
How then would this possibilities be reined

Very hard to master the art of humanity
Mysterious as it is unpredictable
Consistency is what this mystery lacks
The traits are not easy to fathom either
Which is controlled by desires that are unimaginable
But this tendency has a way of being curtailed

Have you ever sat down quietly to meditate
Get an insightful perception of what life is
Look at the negating facets of life
The affirming angles that give hope
Opportunities prevailing to take advantage of
Having to regret on only few occasions
That is the way forward in retrospect

You yearn for something you can achieve
You can’t get all in this life
Satisfaction is one’s tendency to contentment
There is much that can be achieved
The only thing is it has to have a start
While it may be easy to be ambitious
Commencing the endeavor is the hard bit
As many hatch ideas ending up redub

Smile and be happy that you are alive
There is no gain in that long face
It’s worth it to merry when downtrodden
Pick up the pieces and commence a new race
Stop sobbing and being debased for long
If you knew that life waits for no one
Neither fight your wars nor unpay your debts
Start singing the song of victory
And forget the yore dirges of failure
That way you become an asset to self

Happiness comes to those who seek it
Sometimes money can buy it but rare
Keep strong and never lose your cool
Life has so much much more to offer
The unpredictability is more exciting
Gives the fervor and strength to leap
Ahead and make it to the next level
Static stagnation is makes one content
And obscures the mind of better things
Accepting fate also makes one famished
It’s prudent to see the bigger picture
That of plenty and optimism full of valor

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