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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Know your beauty has dazzled me for way too long
And your voluptuous curvy physique makes me guilty
Your sweet, bright magical voice scintillates and excites
Your frame is permanently silhouetted in my mind
I usually steal a gaze just to see how fine you are
Your lovely face is full of smile, and innocent
The heart however is unwilling to succumb
Sorry for taking too long to allay my fears
Indeed you glow with radiating brilliance
But my actions betray it all, for I love

The moment’s world it was and I was apart
You would sit down relax and hear me utter you
For you are anchored in the floodlights of cherish
Twinkling among the rest and I see them bow to you
Cowardice will murder me from meeting you my crush
Let me not forget that you are like the star up in the sky
Again I only wish I was a good orator with a baritone voice
So that my delivery wouldn’t be compromised by any obstacle
Humming melodiously a sensual ballad that sweeps you off your feet

With dexterous movement of my hands and feet I would approach
You, and carry you with my masculine hands high above
Maybe I will find you, hiding somewhere ready for me
Then place you on my strong and robust muscled laps 
As I hear you whisper sweet nothings on my ears
After the fun I would give you a sensual hug
Then we will have to part ways for the day
My love is solely for you in billion folds

My pillow is full of tears of despondency
While I write am sorrowful, but solemn inside
I've tried to gather them, even that coveted chance
To tell you that that which is so deep from my heart
I do cry silently but since i am a man I won’t be candid
Your stupendous grace does makes me grow weak inside
Seeing disquiet in your eyes, gorgeous with African beauty
However time has elapsed separating me from the elements
But I again know when it is all said and done this is just a wish
Know every hour I swallow the bitter pills of letting go a beauty



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