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Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's a competitive world

Man Jumping Rocks

The world has become very competitive
The lucky one are the ones who survive
It’s said let nature takes it course
Scarcity of jobs is now a reality
And the proletariats fear the jobless
Treating them with the desired contempt
In this competitive world so complex

Hard it is to find internship
For if you do you pose a threat
Because you are a potential employee
Especially if you outperform the employees
And finish with the precision of a racer
But not many come by these nowadays
Maybe due to dwindling resources
And the infiltration by cronies in some cases
Or maybe an addition may mean less  luxury
Who is to blame for this fear

So the option is to hustle hard
We worked hard and smart while in school
On the promise that good life awaits
Nothing comes easy my dear
Hard to find it on a silver platter
The job market is already saturated
This is according to those in employment
However the spirit should not be deterred

The employed are complaining of poor pay
Others are wishing they could be engaged
If only to earn a living no matter how little
From there they can be independent
But who cares about this lot
Remember that the world is competitive
Again this should not instill unknown fear

Resources are scarce everywhere
We should smile at our own problems
Especially when the options are exhausted
Good for our own benefit
It gives us a sense of promise in future
Not to forget the mountain already conquered

Oceans so wide are awaiting us
To swim through and cross over
Promising the ocean has a shore
No matter how wide it may be
After one hurdle another comes
Just by itself without any plan
For this world is unfathomable

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