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Friday, January 30, 2015


The western showbiz is obsessed with drugs
The motivator that keeps the scene alive
Musicians use it to live in the fast lane
Athletes, actors and artists use it to keep pace
Using it means one finds the requisite belonging

In the process of this drug abuse
Much happens in relation to health
Seizures and hallucinations come unexpectedly
Some experience the short stints of happiness
Many develop bouts of convulsions

To compound it all death is imminent
Crack is abused with no caution
Videos endear the smoking of pot
Which is harmful to one’s health
A recipe for disaster the love of drugs

So many have succumbed to this calamity
No one seems to learn from past mistakes
The praise drugs accrue outweigh consequences
For it’s a craze many cannot resist having money
A Russian roulette that awaits those who indulge

Like a time bomb it does explode
Ending life previously so saucy
One soul down to the devastating effects
As the peddlers cash in on this vice
Blood money they marvel at spending

Where shall we find bold ambassadors
Who will champion the desired dawn
Of a world free from drug abuse
For drugs cause insane acts out of man
Least expected especially under influence

New converts use them increasingly fast
Users are presumed to live on the fast lane
Doping aids to relieve stress and make one lively
A fallacy that needs to be debunked
In order to lessen if not eradicate this calamity

The world should join hands in the fight
Since it wrecks havoc and causes disaster
Untenable the costs incurred by society
As we see healthy adults turn invalid
Lets curse this habit with the contempt it deserves


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