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Know your beauty has dazzled me for way too long

And your voluptuous curvy physique makes me guilty


Ever since I fell in love with you

The intimacy has been so sensational


Some people usually have hidden revelations

Which they never want to let go easily in life


The world has become very competitive

The lucky one are the ones who survive


The western showbiz is obsessed with drugs

The motivator that keeps the scene alive

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Know your beauty has dazzled me for way too long
And your voluptuous curvy physique makes me guilty
Your sweet, bright magical voice scintillates and excites
Your frame is permanently silhouetted in my mind
I usually steal a gaze just to see how fine you are
Your lovely face is full of smile, and innocent
The heart however is unwilling to succumb
Sorry for taking too long to allay my fears
Indeed you glow with radiating brilliance
But my actions betray it all, for I love

The moment’s world it was and I was apart
You would sit down relax and hear me utter you
For you are anchored in the floodlights of cherish
Twinkling among the rest and I see them bow to you
Cowardice will murder me from meeting you my crush
Let me not forget that you are like the star up in the sky
Again I only wish I was a good orator with a baritone voice
So that my delivery wouldn’t be compromised by any obstacle
Humming melodiously a sensual ballad that sweeps you off your feet

With dexterous movement of my hands and feet I would approach
You, and carry you with my masculine hands high above
Maybe I will find you, hiding somewhere ready for me
Then place you on my strong and robust muscled laps 
As I hear you whisper sweet nothings on my ears
After the fun I would give you a sensual hug
Then we will have to part ways for the day
My love is solely for you in billion folds

My pillow is full of tears of despondency
While I write am sorrowful, but solemn inside
I've tried to gather them, even that coveted chance
To tell you that that which is so deep from my heart
I do cry silently but since i am a man I won’t be candid
Your stupendous grace does makes me grow weak inside
Seeing disquiet in your eyes, gorgeous with African beauty
However time has elapsed separating me from the elements
But I again know when it is all said and done this is just a wish
Know every hour I swallow the bitter pills of letting go a beauty


Monday, February 2, 2015


Ever since I fell in love with you
The intimacy has been so sensational
Mind boggling and kind of sparkling
Our attachment is so apprehensive
No guilt feelings a midst in our overture 
Build on the the foundation of premise
Full of vis and peptic energy synergized
This is just between me and you my love
I only fear our Durante vita will be pro tem
For your beauty well astounds many suitors
Who want to elope with you to the unknown

I have to take extra caution however 
You attract kleptomaniacs on the prowl
As such I at times feel insecure with you
That you are addictive and contagious
Every thing in you wows my imagination
Your exquisite features are full of vagaries
When I hold you everyone turn their necks
Sometimes your beauty bewilders even me
I am so much astounded by your pulchritude
Indeed you add life and a smile on my face
And the feeling you give me is unmatched
When with you, I feel like am not a recluse

When I laugh and look at you adorably
I feel so captivated by your swank aura
Often brighter and shimmering with luster
Evoking the culmination of a perfect eerie
Silence only found in epic lits done by gurus
Which sate all the senses and has no demise
You wake me up and keep me on my toes
Completely I am addicted to your fussiness
It makes people think am not sane at times
Yet our union will never be infinite my dear
I hate the complexity of having known you
Way above any John to ideally comprehend

These marks the epitome of my flirtation
Hope my brevity flattered you into giving in
You sung to me all the ballads I wanted
Which to me was like honey is to the mouth
Covertly kept our secrets without exposing
However I must say you will be soon faced out
Vagaries of technology are the main reason
I still keep that feeling of your elder sister
Though above my reach, she is mwaahh
She is not yet out of the woods as such
Waiting for yours truly to infuse just a bit
Then she will be mine as I will leave you

You are very demanding and very costly
Your sister would ever be worse if I compare
I loved her but ended up choosing you in lieu
Her seductive features and penchant for shekels
Maintaining her is again what scares me
But having you is cozy and gives me pride
Among those who have seen you in recent
Even though my pockets are shallow at present
I do everything to satisfy you my dear
I like it as you never complain about life
So when you will gone, I will miss you like crazy
Even when things look bleak you are by my side
Aha! it is not yet over my Samsung Galaxy Ace

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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Some people usually have hidden revelations
Which they never want to let go easily in life
Only the mechanism of delivery is the set back
They resort to using signals of caution so void
Then despondency sets in on their part as they try
Having failed in averting an impending calamity
How then would this possibilities be reined

Very hard to master the art of humanity
Mysterious as it is unpredictable
Consistency is what this mystery lacks
The traits are not easy to fathom either
Which is controlled by desires that are unimaginable
But this tendency has a way of being curtailed

Have you ever sat down quietly to meditate
Get an insightful perception of what life is
Look at the negating facets of life
The affirming angles that give hope
Opportunities prevailing to take advantage of
Having to regret on only few occasions
That is the way forward in retrospect

You yearn for something you can achieve
You can’t get all in this life
Satisfaction is one’s tendency to contentment
There is much that can be achieved
The only thing is it has to have a start
While it may be easy to be ambitious
Commencing the endeavor is the hard bit
As many hatch ideas ending up redub

Smile and be happy that you are alive
There is no gain in that long face
It’s worth it to merry when downtrodden
Pick up the pieces and commence a new race
Stop sobbing and being debased for long
If you knew that life waits for no one
Neither fight your wars nor unpay your debts
Start singing the song of victory
And forget the yore dirges of failure
That way you become an asset to self

Happiness comes to those who seek it
Sometimes money can buy it but rare
Keep strong and never lose your cool
Life has so much much more to offer
The unpredictability is more exciting
Gives the fervor and strength to leap
Ahead and make it to the next level
Static stagnation is makes one content
And obscures the mind of better things
Accepting fate also makes one famished
It’s prudent to see the bigger picture
That of plenty and optimism full of valor

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It's a competitive world

Man Jumping Rocks

The world has become very competitive
The lucky one are the ones who survive
It’s said let nature takes it course
Scarcity of jobs is now a reality
And the proletariats fear the jobless
Treating them with the desired contempt
In this competitive world so complex

Hard it is to find internship
For if you do you pose a threat
Because you are a potential employee
Especially if you outperform the employees
And finish with the precision of a racer
But not many come by these nowadays
Maybe due to dwindling resources
And the infiltration by cronies in some cases
Or maybe an addition may mean less  luxury
Who is to blame for this fear

So the option is to hustle hard
We worked hard and smart while in school
On the promise that good life awaits
Nothing comes easy my dear
Hard to find it on a silver platter
The job market is already saturated
This is according to those in employment
However the spirit should not be deterred

The employed are complaining of poor pay
Others are wishing they could be engaged
If only to earn a living no matter how little
From there they can be independent
But who cares about this lot
Remember that the world is competitive
Again this should not instill unknown fear

Resources are scarce everywhere
We should smile at our own problems
Especially when the options are exhausted
Good for our own benefit
It gives us a sense of promise in future
Not to forget the mountain already conquered

Oceans so wide are awaiting us
To swim through and cross over
Promising the ocean has a shore
No matter how wide it may be
After one hurdle another comes
Just by itself without any plan
For this world is unfathomable

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Friday, January 30, 2015


The western showbiz is obsessed with drugs
The motivator that keeps the scene alive
Musicians use it to live in the fast lane
Athletes, actors and artists use it to keep pace
Using it means one finds the requisite belonging

In the process of this drug abuse
Much happens in relation to health
Seizures and hallucinations come unexpectedly
Some experience the short stints of happiness
Many develop bouts of convulsions

To compound it all death is imminent
Crack is abused with no caution
Videos endear the smoking of pot
Which is harmful to one’s health
A recipe for disaster the love of drugs

So many have succumbed to this calamity
No one seems to learn from past mistakes
The praise drugs accrue outweigh consequences
For it’s a craze many cannot resist having money
A Russian roulette that awaits those who indulge

Like a time bomb it does explode
Ending life previously so saucy
One soul down to the devastating effects
As the peddlers cash in on this vice
Blood money they marvel at spending

Where shall we find bold ambassadors
Who will champion the desired dawn
Of a world free from drug abuse
For drugs cause insane acts out of man
Least expected especially under influence

New converts use them increasingly fast
Users are presumed to live on the fast lane
Doping aids to relieve stress and make one lively
A fallacy that needs to be debunked
In order to lessen if not eradicate this calamity

The world should join hands in the fight
Since it wrecks havoc and causes disaster
Untenable the costs incurred by society
As we see healthy adults turn invalid
Lets curse this habit with the contempt it deserves

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Energy to forge ahead

Sentimental and irate for another loss
Which has become like a constant gross
Realized the difficulties that is life
In desolation I always intercede
For a time calamities will secede
So that my stripling life can proceed

Intoxicated by trivial obstacles of regression
Perturbed why impediments do prevail
The tribulations make the temple weary
The dark cloud has exceeded its welcome
Endeavours fail to catapult to the next level
Famished and full of contempt of any progression

Cortisol levels have risen to a level high
Out of control and pausing great danger
Unchecked this is a time bomb
Brewing it is but subtly it arouses no suspicion
Seldom has one noticed that it is now a week
And the stamina to saunter is enervated

Tricky it is becoming to even seek
Body lethargic symptoms of being sick
Paranoia has set in with full force
Rarely has life ever taken a pause
Such incidence means the bucket kicked
Case closed and the pall bearers picked

Amid such vexations and intimidations I shall fight
Till that point when I see the light
My comfort is to stay put until at night
As I sleep I will hold on to the dream tight
For indeed I know I have the might
Even  when it seems my immune has blight

Sorrow has made me strong and optimistic
Sagacious full of wit and rarely mystic
Great humility having seen sheer intimidation
Which have since gone to leave me elated
When my ego had been bruised and debased
Beyond expectation I liken it to a matador

When I look into the horizon at the west
That orange mass having lost intensity
I know that all has not gone to waste
Even when little was achieved during the light
The rebellion I revealed meant complete control
Simply put it has regained new vis for a fight

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Besmirched Nation

Corruption and retrogressive policies digress our progress
Deep seated it has become in certain institutions
The manner these rot is escalating is alarming
There is need to curb these vices
That continue to be the rot of inequality

Facets that were incorrigible are besmirched
Hard work a plus is no longer rewarded
Children work hard to join their dream schools
Unscrupulous directors take them to low cadre schools
That way they lose the psyche of hard work
They see this as a form of punishment
Yet they smiling due to this discrepancy
This impunity need to come to a cessation
Society should encourage the tenets of hard work

The lands ministry is the worst affected
Commissioners dish out lands to unsuspecting agents
Who sell them to citizens who are gullible
For few checks have been placed to certify authenticity
Scrutiny will clear all the inconsistencies
 Few years later when investments have been done
The government bulldozer demolishes the premises
Owners left homeless with their palatial mansions down
Someone somewhere is smiling all the way to the bank

Police are the worst lot in this trend
Theirs is an age old tradition evolving
New tricks to counter measures meted out
They are quite ingenious in their clandestine activities
Occasionally they tone down when reported
But it does not take long before they resuscitate the vices
They blame poor pay for engaging in the vice
These acts to them are addictive like brown sugar addiction

I peak against corruption with the contempt it deserves
Contributing to my poor stature in society
Even the holy books condemn this monster
That threatens to destroy the fabric of a nation
Knit on the building blocks of transparency and integrity
The most industrious fail to enjoy their labour fruits
One has corrupted the other to evade an obligation
Reason why we have many living substandard lives
The debates we have are also substandard
So are the verdicts and judgments delivered
Our buildings are substandard and hazardous
Research carried out lacks the required competency
Graduates are termed half-baked and incompetent
Yet the employers were trained by the same tutors
The quest for quick wealth is what is retrogressive
It is the reason why many engage in corruption
Yet some had principles and characters so divine

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The slippery damsel

The first time I saw you, dressed to kill
You had this sophistication that left me
Agape so I had to retreat
Then I saw you on the staircase
I didn’t mind your company that moment
There is something you should be hiding
You currently pretend you don’t know me
I must say you are a good actor
Problem is that you have not got the chance
Of going to the screen for that matter
Perhaps you should start with the nearby
It has horned the talents of many a successful

Imagine that day, I bet you remember
I had to struggle to maintain the chat
You left me thinking; I never read your mind
Not a single word did you utter, I regret
Wasting my time walking with your highness
I know you don’t remember it very well
Or did I go wrong, then what’s your take
You will never see this in your whole life
Am supposed to hide it even from my eyes
That’s a lie, this is my literature

Have you ever thought of making me jealous?
I will say I am humbled by that thought
What about the actions, do you target someone?
One day it will be my turn of revenge
Promise, my vengeance will be terrible
I have decided to raise the first two fingers
You know their meaning say streetwise
Patient I am waiting for that hour of grace
Waiting for your fall is not in the equation
If that is the case then I will have to retreat

Sometimes it hurts, but you must swallow
Don’t you feel something, heavy in your heart?
Or do I conclude that I am the one
Who never acted as required of me, now
If it is your will do forgive me
For your star is on the rise
This I admit has not leveled the playing ground
After all you are the queen and that needs
Royal treatment, beautiful one for you are a bimbo

Only time is a healer, I rest my case

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nonsense not much

At the onset of dawn lot happens
The birds chirp with joy on a new day
Crickets having had their time at dusk
Time for some to engage in leisure
Others in search for the daily eke
That does not make life finite
It’s an empty gallon to be filled
This starts as the break sets
To scatter darkness by the daily
Joy and thanks people have inwardly

Each hour has its own lending problems
Sometimes you are weary and yet eager
Other times disillusioned and anxious
Illusions of cowardice and failure begets
And instincts have the power to dictate
This are the times that strategy aids
To get away from the feeling of down low
For life is a dejavu, repeated engagements

You are tired, take a nap and pray silently
Amass your mind with success and confidence
Get into action and make it so a pleasure
A step invokes the journey to many miles
Start small persist to end big
A nurture many have failed to inculcate
Then they kvetch at their own fails
For man is prone to ease of success

The run for triumph a human weakness
If patient you will wonder how you did it

For closure a day must have
Achieving a feat is worth a smile about
That exactly makes one feel great

Not forgetting to petition where luck is
Invocation to the spirits to keep you safe
To dream soundly while asleep 
It eases the body of day’s verve
Keep in mind this is essential 
And it cannot be substituted by drugs
As day transcedes new things also come
Be merry having seen yet another day
Life is an odyssey you must endure
Don’t be vague about it in any instance

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Riddle of Life

In shadows of discomfort
Silhouetted by a craven image
Lies a mystery yet to be unraveled
No knowledge is available about this
In illusions the prospects of demystifying
Oriental tales do not even give a clue
Like a riddle whose answer is unknown
Twisted through the art of word manipulation
Conforming slowly in unprecedented precision
The gem about it does not really fade
Has to do with having to withstand
Being strong in the precipice of nature

Marvel at how flora coexist with fauna
In perfect dependence they rely
Flora is the beauty of our nature
Gives coolness and comfort deserved
Makes the ecosystem a real portent of vision
Truly the magnificence of creation
It does provide solemn gratuity
The wholeness of the biodiversity
Habitat and source of life for many
Flora livens, it’s a glam and inspiration

Lets pursue the agenda of nature with a passion
Rarely surrendering to the force of coercion
We need our ecosystem for our sustenance
Our urge should be in conservation
And protection of the endangered nature
We have a big role to play
Our desire is not to shy away from task
The most we can do is to exercise control
The ball is on our court and us is to dribble

Lets protect our environment with a passion
Depleting resource will not be beneficial
Essential it is to take concern of our nature
Whose beauty needs to be cherished
Food comes from nature so does air
Nature shelters and does provide clothing
The wholesome of this is protection
Conservation should be championed
And approached with a lot of magnanimity
Indeed our environment is our life
Providing water as water is life
Together let us join hands without enmity
The riddle we have solved is our environment